Camino Real 1
Camino Real 1 Camino Real 1

The Camino Real project

Camino Real Shopping and Leisure Resort is under development on km 16.2 of the A-2 highway, next to Madrid’s airport. With an available commercial area of 250,000 sqm and an architectural proposal made by L35, the complex is positioned to become the next commercial destination in the Community of Madrid, being at the same time the closest to the city centre.

The project has its urban planning approved according to San Fernando de Henares’ general urban plan. Most of the urban works are completed, giving service to an overall area of 800,000 sqm.

In September 2016 at the XV Congress of the Spanish Association of Shopping Centers, Chelverton presented an updated and extended version of its commercial proposition for Camino Real. The concept was welcomed by the main retail players, agreeing that Camino Real will become the next shopping place of reference in the Community of Madrid.

The complex is characterized by its two development areas on both sides of the A-2, which are the north area for commercial and outdoor activities and the south area with a retail park open since 2013. Both premises will be connected through a bridge over the highway.

The name and logo of Camino Real are a registered trademarks that belong to Chelverton Properties, S.L.

General planning and aerial view of the execution works

The closest retail park to the centre of Madrid

Camino Retal Shopping and Leisure Resort stands out for its privileged location next to the Airport. The three highways that surround it (A-2, M45/50 and M21) make it reachable from the city centre and the metropolitan area.

From Paseo de la Castellana it takes a 15 minutes' drive to Camino Real.

Within 30 minutes, 3.4 million people

Camino Real’s influence area counts on a high-capacity infrastructure that translates into 3.4 million potential clients, according to the following:
• Primary influence area accessible within 20 minutes’ drive which includes 1,385,948 people
• Secondary influence area accessible in 20 to 30 minutes’ drive which includes 2,026,520 people

These same influence areas also communicate with Camino Real through public transport.

Parque de medianas


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